I’ve finished updating my EventCalendar2 plugin for WordPress 1.5. I’ve added the ability to publish the ‘event’ category as an online calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar from iCal (OSX), Sunbird, and probably MS Outlook.


Latest version: http://blog.firetree.net/wp-content/plugins/eventcalendar30.zip

Read the latest documentation.


EventCalendar 2.2 is compatible with WordPress 1.5. Earlier versions of EventCalendar required a hack to get full functionality. This hack is no longer necessary.

Template Changes:


  <?php get_calendar(); ?>


  <?php get_event_calendar(X); ?>

…where X is the numeric ID of your event category.

If you want i18n standard weeks (that start on Monday) use:

  <?php get_event_calendar(X,'mon'); ?>

You can show the next month as well as the current month. This is really useful for looking forward to upcoming events:

  <?php get_event_calendar(X,'sun',2); ?>

You can just show events, and ignore normal posts:

  <?php get_event_calendar(X,'sun',1,False); ?>

You can also use three-letter acronyms for day-column headers:

  <?php get_event_calendar(X,'sun',1,True,3); ?>

Stylesheet changes:

Id #wp-calendar is no longer a table, but a div that contains one or more tables. At the very least, you’ll want to change the selector for the #wp-calendar rule from:

  #wp-calendar {


  #wp-calendar table {

Add a rule to highlight event days. There is a new class ‘eventday':

  #wp-calendar a.eventday { color:#a00 }


If you want to make sure that the ONLY visible future posts are from your event category, then edit the file eventcalendar2.php: Set the value of $event_calendar_category to the numeric ID of your event category. If you don’t do this, then all future posts will be visible, not just events.

Publish a vCalendar

The file vcalendar.php implements the vCalendar totally separately from the EventCalendar plugin.

Place this file in your WordPress root directory. Edit the file to set the value of $event_cat to the numeric ID of your event category. You can subscribe to the calendar at the address http://your.site.url/vcalendar.php.

By default, the duration of each event is set to three hours. You can change this default by setting the variable $default_duration.

You can set the duration of an individual post by adding a custom field to the post…

  • Key: “duration”
  • Value:

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  1. Markus said,

    25 May, 2005 @ 08:48

    Hi Alex, I downloaded your new plugin, putted it on my server and … great, everything seems to work as I wanted. Though I understand not the vcalendar.php – stuff all seems to work great.

    Events in the future are displayed as a red day – Cool. When I click on such a red day, the post does display in the mainpage – super. And in my main page, such future events does not display, that is GREAT!

    At the moment I see only one minor thing for me personally, what could be better. If I click on a red day, as I said, the future event will be displayed. But when I click on a month in the future, than nothing is displayed, and I think, than all future events should then are visible. For example, if I have 4 entries in July, I can click on each (red) day and each post is visible. And then, for me it is logical, when I am clicking on July, than 4 entries should be visible.

    But as I said, this is a minor point, at the moment I am happy, thanks for your very good work! Markus / Switzerland

  2. Markus said,

    25 May, 2005 @ 09:49

    Hi Alex, NOW there I found a serious problem. When I click on the theme on from a comment, then nothing will be displayed. The link from such a comment ist http://www.sinusbild.com/blogxx/?p=68#comment-253

    and the site is: http://www.sinusbild.com/blogxx/

    where on the left site is the calendar, what works great. Because the problem, what I described, I made some overviews with links, under the calendar (under “ereignis-übersichten).

    And the bigger problem is on the right side, when you click on a comment, for example on “h-treff”. Then I become now a message with “sorry, no …”, although there are themes/comments.

    Do you have an idea, why this happens? Thanks in advance Markus

  3. Markus said,

    25 May, 2005 @ 10:16

    Alex, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, now I see, these comments, what does not appear, when I click on it, are comments on events in the future.

    In this case it is not THAT bad, but it would be nice, to have them.

    This happens, when I start an event in the future, and someone gives a comment for this. In this special case, from my point of view, it would be nice, if this comment would appear, when I click on it.

    Or is it not forseen, that a user can give a comment on an event in the future?? Because If I try NOW to comment an event in the future, I cannot?!

    Thanks Markus

  4. alex said,

    25 May, 2005 @ 14:03


    I’ve modified the plugin to fix Markus’ problems. The new version is v2.2.1. There is a new advanced option that limits the visibility of future posts… I’ve added documentation to the main post, above.

  5. Markus said,

    25 May, 2005 @ 14:21

    THANKS a LOT, Alex, for this great plugin and for your special work on my problems. Now everything works and flows like a charm (a very minor point I mailed to you). With this plugin it is very easy to post future posts and we can see this posts very good and can even comment them. My users (specialy family) will love this feature, for example to post birthdays, events, parties and so on in the future. Great work, Alex, best wishes from Switzerland Markus

  6. Karl Bedingfield said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 13:18

    Great Plugin!

    Is there a way to show all upcoming dates on a page?


  7. alex said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 13:53

    Hi Karl. If you show just the event category (http://blogurl/category/events/), then you’ll see all upcoming events, followed by all past events. I know that’s not exactly what you want, but that’s the best you’ve got right now.

    If you can send me a more detailed description of what you actually want, then I could consider how best to implement it in a future version.

  8. Karl Bedingfield said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 13:59

    No thats great. I just wanted to create a page that I can point to like ‘What’s On’ for example and show upcoming events. What would be nice (although I am not sure if possible) is hide events that have passed. Can I do a page like that with the ‘page’ option in WP? I am running

    I was going to get a developer build me a custome events script like ‘upcoming.com’ but for my use for a cimminity website. I think yours will be great! Just need a way to hide older posts from the ‘What’s on’ page.

    Many thanks

  9. alex said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 14:14

    The trouble is that you don’t always want to hide old event posts. Sometimes they have useful comments. Perhaps you just want them for posterity.

    It would also be nice to show upcoming events in chronological order – but that is fundamentally different from WordPress’s usual ordering. I’m afraid that it might be more confusing than helpful.

    It might be better to have upcoming events in the sidebar, as you have with “Dates Four Your Diary” on your site. (Nice spelling BTW :-) )

  10. Karl Bedingfield said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 15:05

    Ooops :0 Nobody mentioned that once. Strange :)

  11. Karl Bedingfield said,

    26 May, 2005 @ 18:43

    Hi again,

    I just tried to implemant $ event _ calendar _ category

    and got this error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected TFUNCTION in /home/editor/publichtml/news/wp-content/plugins/eventcalendar2.php on line 74

    also what styles to I need to use to get the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links to be far left and far right of the calender?

    Thanks again Karl

  12. Markus said,

    27 May, 2005 @ 07:54

    Hi Karl, Alex, As I said before, I am very happy with this plugin. When I read this all, than I have some questions, Ideas, please forgive my bad English:

    1) Karl, this “Dates for you diary” in your sidebar is very cool. It would be very nice, if you could post this code or say me, what I must do, that I can have this too. It is really nice and helpful.

    2) I do not know, is this a job for your plugin or for the theme. It would be nice, when I could click on a button, and then I would have ALL future events (included the events in the past; from the special event-Category, in my case ID 13) listed in the main page, but only one line for each event. Something like a list. When I know do this like http://www.sinusbild.com/blogxx/?cat=13 then the list is here, but not listed like a list: Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 …

    3) The same as point 2, but only the future events, without the events in the past. But when I understood this correct, this is very difficult to make. Would be nice, but for me not that important.

    Hey, this plugin is so good, I have trouble to find more wishes!! ;) Thanks in advance for any hints.

    BTW: I like this theme, I use Jarkarta from Jose Mulia, very nice. Markus

  13. alex said,

    27 May, 2005 @ 11:59

    Thanks for all of the feedback you’ve given me. I’ve just given the plugin another upgrade. The new release documentation is here: http://blog.firetree.net/2005/05/27/eventcalandar23/

    Note that while the name of the template function has changed, the old one still exists for backwards compatibility.

  14. Karl Bedingfield said,

    19 June, 2005 @ 08:08


    Sorry, been away.

    I used the suggested code that came with the plug-in, I pasted it here: http://phpfi.com/66446

    Alex: The problem with popularity Contest has happened again not that plug-in has been realeased as version 1.


  15. alex said,

    19 July, 2005 @ 14:03

    New version released: http://blog.firetree.net/2005/07/18/eventcalendar-30/

  16. Berko said,

    23 September, 2005 @ 00:32

    Does your plugin support all-day / untimed events?

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