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NASA’s SRTM Elevation data

A simple C++ interface to NASA’s SRTM Elevation data. I use this code in my Flood Maps project. This code will only run on a Unix operating system.

Download it here: nasagrid.tgz

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The Price of Freedom?

World Trade Center Heathrow
Worth paying? Worth paying?

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I’ve just started using BackupPC to backup my file server. It’s a disk-based solution – so if you want to archive to removable media such as DVD-R or tape, you need a separate archive step.

The advantage of BackupPC is supposed to be that it can do remote backups of every machine on your network, without needing special software to be loaded on each client machine. That’s true, but a little misleading. If you want to maintain security, then you need to do a little bit of setup on each client.

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