The Price of Freedom?

World Trade Center Heathrow
Worth paying? Worth paying?

Do you think that being watched over by armed guards is a price worth paying for your freedom? Is liberty worth keeping your mouth shut? Is it worth sacrificing fair trials to save our freedom?

What exactly does freedom mean to you people?

The price of freedom: NOT freedom:
World Trade Center Heathrow

Are we too craven to stand up and risk paying the price?

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  1. Esteve said,

    28 October, 2006 @ 09:39

    Hello, First, sorry for my poor enlish (I’m french). After the terrific 11 september, we’re under choc. In France too… This terrible act is unqualified. I think, american, british and french governments, took this unique occasion to go in a strong way against personnal freedom. In USA and Britain, they’re going made a war against a wrong target (even if Saddam was a tyran). And in France Mr Sarkozi (security minister) would like to control evry thing and every people and do it. I don’t think that a good way for democratic country. The protection is very important, but not for less freedom. Freedom is the real power of democratic country. Maybe, I hope for USA and the world, one day Mr Bush return in Texas, Mr Blair where he wants and Mr Chirac and Mr Sarkozy gones with Mr Berlusconi on planet Mars for a long time ;-)

  2. Kate said,

    26 August, 2009 @ 13:21

    Although I agree that the September 11 attacks affected the world, you guys experienced nothing like what happened here. You can say what your government did after the attacks to better themselves with alliances or protect their people, which is their main goal right? But, nonetheless your government is doing what they feel is right to protect themselves, the land, and most importantly the people.

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