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E-petitions Get My Vote

Tony Blair’s “Number 10″ web-site has opened an online petition engine. I wonder if our luddite Prime Minister has even been told about this? Anyway, here are the petitions that I’ve e-signed…

Scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards. Of course!

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Flood Maps Upgraded

Google have just withdrawn the old version of their “Maps API”. That broke Flood Maps and sent me into a tizzy of reading up on the new version and recoding my JavaScript to use it.

The site was down for a few hours, but I’ve now restored it. The positive side-effect is that it now benefits from all of the improvements made to Google maps over the last year. The most obvious upgrade is that there are maps of the whole world, rather than just the USA, UK and Japan.

That makes the potential threat to the Netherlands (for example) all the more striking.

Thanks to Mike Pouy, who spotted the problem.

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EventCalendar 3.1

I’ve finally released the new version of EventCalendar. I’m really proud of it. It’s been updated, with better integration into WordPress and some cool new features.

Even more importantly, I’ve put loads of effort into making it easy to install and use. WordPress users aren’t always the most tech-savvy web-site owners, so it’s important that the plug-in should be as straightforward as possible. That helps the users, but it also helps me. EventCalendar is quite popular, I think there are probably about ten-thousand installations, so I get quite a few cries for help from confused bloggers. Every bit of extra usability means fewer support e-mails for me to deal with.

Many of the new features in this release have been implemented by Darrell Schulte. Without his enthusiasm, I’m not sure that version 3.1 would ever have made it.

Anyway, all the details are over on the EventCalendar blog.

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