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Oracle’s ‘proc’ program leaks temporary files

proc is a program that ‘compiles’ Pro*C into C or C++. It’s shocking that a big company like Oracle could produce something so shoddy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pointless airport security.

So, the ludicrous plot to blow up aeroplanes with bottles of shampoo turns out to be nothing but a paranoid fantasy. Naturally, the hysterical extra security measures brought in as a response to the “threat” will remain in place indefinitely.

Is this an evil plot to further restrict our freedoms, or just stupidity? Or (as my wife suggests) are evil and stupidity just two sides of the same coin?

Either way, who put these nuts in charge??

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Services on AIX

I’ve just spent a rather dry afternoon working out how to create a service on AIX. In brief, AIX doesn’t provide any real support for SysV style Unix services, instead it has its own scheme, which does not use the familiar start/stop wrapper scripts. Read the rest of this entry »

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