My fantasy Lord of the Rings cast

It just struck me that Alan Rickman would have played Denethor much better than whoever it was in the Peter Jackson movie. That idea has opened the floodgates…

So without further ado

Frodo BagginsJohnny Depp
Samwise GamgeeChristopher Biggins
MerryEddie Izzard
PippinSimon Pegg
AragornClint Eastwood (c. 1980)
GandalfAlec Guinness
LegolasPaul Newman
BoromirMel Gibson
Bilbo BagginsChristopher Walken
Tom BombadilBill Bailey
ElrondTim Curry
GollumRichard O’Brien
GaladrielBrigitte Nielsen
King ThéodenBrian Blessed
Grima WormtongueRowan Atkinson
ÉowynSigourney Weaver
SarumanChristopher Lee
DenethorAlan Rickman
FaramirKurt Russell
TreebeardErnest Borgnine
The Witch King of AngmarRutger Hauer
SauronLaurence Olivier

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  1. Hannah said,

    10 February, 2009 @ 15:03

    you should specify when, in an actor’s career, you want to be in the fantasy LOTR. Although I see you’ve already done this for Clint Eastwood…

    I dunno, I liked Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, but I’m amused by Tim Curry as Elrond – if you’d asked me for a more camp performance than Hugo Weaving (“all men are bastards!” muddling up Priscilla, Matrix and LOTR…) I would have been hard-pressed, but Tim Curry, maybe :)

    Well all I can say is that I’d watch your version – Brian Blessed, Richard O’Brian, Rutger Hauer and Johnny Depp, all in the same movie? Hell yeah!

  2. alphajane said,

    19 April, 2009 @ 06:35

    i hope there would be a part 4! coz the movie is really amazing!

  3. Bob Galadriel said,

    27 May, 2009 @ 21:17

    Hi Alex. Brigitte HAS to be a better choice. thanks again for your lovely TCS site and libhex!!!! is the archive of the tcs list available/collected?



  4. Outdoor Teak said,

    24 June, 2009 @ 18:00

    Great idea for a post and I agree with Clint Eastwood as Aragorn, with one exception. I think c. 1972 (Dirty Harry). Reason: “So, how many daggers did I use? Was it 5 or 6…?…. etc.

  5. Veronica said,

    24 June, 2009 @ 23:21

    i MUST agree. (: Alan would play a GREAT Denethor. i love your cast list. (:

    veronica t.

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