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fostertom on EWI

Excellent advice from fostertom on external wall insulation (EWI):

The ideal is EWI to walls, continuous with similar EPS [expanded polystyrene] on OSB [a kind of plywood] boarded over the top of the rafters, tiles/slates replaced but a bit higher up. The roof OSB is adequately airtight, without any problems with interruption by internal trusses etc. Unfortunately EWI can’t be relied on to be airtight, so either an external rough-render (breatheable) on the brickwork before EWI-ing, or the internal plaster wd be your wall airtight barrier.That (like IWI [internal wall insulation]) is problematic because of joist penetrations and joists so close parallel to wall that you can’t make the internal plaster continuous through the floor thickness. Also needs connecting up with roof OSB (or with over-joist membrane if trying to air-tight at loft floor level).


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ICICI bank

Me (calling ICICI bank): Hello, I’m trying to open a savings account, but when I click next on your form, it says “Address information cannot have special characters” – but I can’t see any special characters in any of the fields I’ve entered.

ICICI bank: Hello sir. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. What browser are you using?

Me: Erm let me see. It’s Firefox 21.0.

ICICI: I’m sorry sir, you are using Safari. Please try to use Internet Explorer.

Me: I’m not using Safari. I’m using Firefox, version 21.0.

ICICI: Please try to use Internet Explorer.

Me: I don’t have Internet Explorer.

ICICI: You don’t have Internet Explorer???

Me: I think I’ll find someone else to look after my money, thanks.

Microsoft has been selling Windows without Internet Explorer for years! Even if they assumed I was using Windows, it’s by no means safe to assume that everyone will have IE. I should have told him I was using my phone – that would have freaked him out even more!