Trystan Julliard Search (aka Cheryl Lynn Tate)

It must be nearly 10 years since I last saw Trystan. It’s a real shame, because I liked her a lot. I’ve asked everyone I can think of, and no one knows what’s become of her. So, Trystan – are you out there? If so, then drop me a line.

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Republic of Rome: Cheat Sheet

Republic of Rome is a great boardgame. Or at least I think it is — I’ve never really been able to play a proper game. The rules are so complicated, and so badly written, that I’ve never really felt I understood them. So, I decided to write a cheat sheet. One that would be useful for someone who is trying to learn the rules while playing their first game.

Republic of Rome: Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Republic of Rome: Cheat Sheet (Open Office)

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An interesting day for Copyright.

The UK’s Digital Economy Bill will introduce the concept of orphan works which may effectively abolish copyright on most photographs. Is this a foretaste of the future copyright in general? Read the rest of this entry »

Comments (2), hmm… is a price comparison web-site. They gather lots of information about you, and offer no way to cancel your account. They also take the opportunity to spam your e-mail address with lots of unrelated offers.


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Powers of Arrest


My fantasy Lord of the Rings cast

It just struck me that Alan Rickman would have played Denethor much better than whoever it was in the Peter Jackson movie. That idea has opened the floodgates… Read the rest of this entry »

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Imbolc’s supposed to be the first day of Spring

It certainly doesn’t look like Spring out there tonight. I was going to cycle to work tomorrow, not sure if I’ll make it now.

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The Latest News from the World of Cats

Miaow! Miaow! Mew mew mew. Miu miu. Mrrrrww rrrrwwwwrrrww…. Mrrrwww.


Rrrrrwww mmmm…. rrrrwwww mmmm… mmmrrrrwww….


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Double-Glazing Film

I’ve just added double-glazing film to the windows in our hall, landing and living-room. It’s fantastic!

The windows in our house are the original single-glazed wood frames. We’ve kept them for three reasons – we like them, they’re in good condition, and all the advice suggests that new double glazed windows are bad for the environment, and not cost-effective.

The glazing film is really cheap though. It looks virtually invisible and it has made a huge difference to how warm our house feels. It’s fun to put up too – you stick the film around the window and then stretch it flat by heating it with a hair-dryer.

So, double-glazing film for the win!

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Let’s boycott UK ISP censors.