I've updated my EventCalendar2 plugin for WordPress 1.5 again! It's far easier to use than it was before. A new Options screen replaces the need to configure the plugin through template function parameters. A new template function generates a list of forthcoming events.

Documentation for EventCalendar 2.3

Latest version: 2.3.5
Released on: 12th July, 2005.

Download it here:

EventCalendar 2.3 is compatible with WordPress No hacks or source code editing are required. If you have trouble, first make sure you are using the very latest Wordpress code.

NEW! Try the beta release ofEventCalendar3!

Template Changes: CALENDAR


<?php get_calendar(); ?>


<?php ec2_get_calendar(); ?>

Template Changes: EVENT LIST

There is also a new template function: ec2_get_events(). This shows a list
of upcoming events. The function takes one or two parameters:
  • limit:
    The maximum number of future events to list.
  • date_format (OPTIONAL):
    A PHP date format string. If this option is not provided, then
    Wordpress' normal date format is used.


<li id="calendar">
 < ?php ec2_get_calendar(); ?>
<li>< ?php _e('Events:'); ?>
 < ?php ec2_get_events(5,'j F'); ?>


There is a new Options screen, 'Event Calendar Options'. The following
settings are available:
  • Event category:
    Set the category you use for upcoming events.
  • Number of months:
    How many monthly calendars should be drawn by the ec2_get_calendar()
    function. This is useful for looking forward to upcoming events.
  • Show all categories in calendar:
    Choose whether the calendars should show all posts, or just events.
  • Show day names as:
    Day names in calendar can be abbreviated down to 3 letters ('Mon',
    'Tue', etc.) or just one letter ('M', 'T', etc.).

The first day of the week is set on Wordpress' 'General Options' screen.

Stylesheet changes:

Id #wp-calendar is no longer a table, but a div that contains one or more tables. At the very least, you'll want to change the selector for the #wp-calendar rule from:

#wp-calendar {


#wp-calendar table {

Add a rule to highlight event days. There is a new class 'eventday':

#wp-calendar a.eventday { color:#a00 }

Publish a vCalendar

The file vcalendar.php implements the vCalendar totally separately from the EventCalendar plugin.
Place this file in your WordPress root directory. You can subscribe to the
calendar at the address
By default, the duration of each event is set to three hours. You can change
this default by setting the variable $default_duration.
You can set the duration of an individual post by adding a custom field to the
  • Key: "duration"
  • Value: <number of hours>