London Kuro5hin meetup pictures now in... we were there

A busy Friday night, about 8pm. I walked into Ben Crouch's Tavern with a friend of mine, and we made straight for the bar. Drinks in hand, we wandered around the pub looking for Have A Nice Day. Hmm, it's harder than you might think to nonchalantly look for a piece of paper on somebody's table. We made a complete round of the pub before spying an excellent empty table - we grabbed it.

Ten minutes later, Have A Nice Day turns up and introduces himself. (He recognised me by my shiny boots.) Apparently we'd missed his paper sign... whatevs, our table is better than the one he had. Have A Nice Day has also brought along a couple of friends. They all sit at our table and we all start agreeing what a nasty, disgusting place Kuro5hin is!

We all sat around drinking and chatting for a couple of hours. Another friend of mine turned up, but no other Kurons appeared. Once, a smartly dressed young woman started to take furtive glances at my feet. For a second I thought it might be HollyHopDrive, but she didn't introduce herself, so I assume she just liked my boots. Or maybe she just wanted a mirror to do her makeup.

Finally, Have A Nice Day donned his pirate costume and we piled into the car and drove off to the club.

Inside, we both met people we knew and stood around outside on the astroturf chatting and catching up on the news. Photographs were taken (see above). Not unexpectedly, we discovered that we have quite a few friends in common. I purchased a fine meal of red snapper with rice, salad and jerk sauce, and let it digest for an hour or so.

Then an hour of fun and furious dancing to dodgy German EMB. I was waving my arms around so frantically, that my wedding ring started to slip from my sweaty ring finger. I took it off, with the idea of safely pocketing it, but it fell and bounced away over the dance floor. Soon a half-dozen goths were crawling around on all-fours searching for the elusive golden band amongst a forest of stomping New Rocks. Pretty soon it was found by a pretty young boy, and handed back to me by his even prettier young girlfriend.

Finally, home to bed. An excellent night.

Chinese whispers: I'm not sure I remember all of last night's conversations, but by fusing two of them together, I have concluded that Have A Nice Day has slept with the most beautiful woman in the world. Way to go!