While I was writing my K5 story on global sea-level rise, I tried to find a map that would show the world after the Greenland ice-sheet had melted. I couldn't find anything, so I decided to make one myself...

Flood Maps is a Google Maps hack, with new sea-levels overlaid on top of the Google maps or satellite imagery. You can raise the sea-level up to +14m with a simple menu control.

For now, I've only put up imagery for the UK, Eire, The Netherlands and Belgium. If things go well, and I think my server can handle the load, I'll add the rest of Europe and North America.

Then... the World!!

Update: 10th May, 2006

Sorry for the outage. My hosting provider had a power failure last night that took the server down for about an hour. When it came back up, some of the settings had been lost. I didn't notice until earlier today. It shouldn't happen again.

Update: 18th May, 2006

I've just posted answers to the most common questions about Flood Maps.