Don't get me wrong. I like Safari. I use it almost every day. But some things about it just irritate me again and again and again...

Next, the URL bar.

(Part 1 was The Back Button)

On the face of it, Safari's URL bar looks perfectly ordinary and acceptable. I type in a URL, I press RETURN and the page is loaded. Fine. How can that go wrong?

Well, Apple have tried to make it a little more helpful than that. When I start typing the name of a web-site, Safari tries to guess which URL I'm trying to type in. So for example, if I type www.k it guesses that I want to go to It fills in the part for me. If I notice that it's guessed correctly, I can stop typing and simply press RETURN to accept the suggestion. That's a great feature. It's even one key-press better than Firefox's version, which requires me to press TAB+RETURN, instead of just RETURN.

The problem comes when I mis-type the URL. Let's say I don't actually want to go to Kuro5hin, but actually want to go to Metafilter. I've mistakenly hit k instead of m because they are right next to each other on the keyboard. Instinctively I correct this mistake by hitting BACKSPACE to delete the k, and then continuing to type the correct word. But this simple combination doesn't work on Safari. What actually happens is this:

I type in www.k, and Safari has filled in the bit for me and selected it. Next I press the BACKSPACE key. Safari deletes the selected bit that it wrote, but doesn't bother to delete the k that I actually want to remove. I then carry on typing, and end up with Surprise surprise, that URL doesn't go anywhere.

I have to back up all the way to the start, and edit it so that it's correct.

How can Apple's engineers have managed to break the simplest of typing conventions? BACKSPACE should delete the character I just typed, not some extra stuff you've just invented yourself! Are you hearing me Apple??