It's one of those laws where ordinary people are not permitted to bring private private prosecutions. The argument is that it stops people from "abusing" the law. This novel use of the word "abusing" actually means "practically demonstrating the fuckwittitude of".

Section 15 of the Bill requires the consent of the Attorney-General as well as of the Director of Public Prosecutions, before a prosecution can commence.

If a law is to be fair, then it must apply to everybody in the same way. If this were a proper law, then I would be able to bring a private prosecution against, say Nelson Mandela, and stand a good chance of winning. The Government don't want Nelson Mandela behind bars, they have some other people in mind for that treatment. Rather than trying to draft a law that outlaws the behaviour to which they object, they just add a clause that enables them to pick and choose the people to whom the law applies.

It's a bullshit law. They might as well ban breathing and then say, "Oh, it's alright though. We'll only prosecute the bad people who breathe."

(Owen Barder's blog has a more sober discussion of this topic.)