"New Image" is a car audio shop at 537 Pinner Rd, North Harrow. I suggest you avoid them, and shop elsewhere. I just bought a car stereo from them, but after wasting my morning they've removed it and I'm back to square one.

To start with, the installation went fine, but then the installer repeatedly entered the wrong code into my car's keypad immobiliser - immobilising it! I walked home and waited for them to call me when the car's alarm buzzer stopped. Eventually the immobiliser timer expired, so I trudged back to the shop and entered the correct code. After all this, they insisted that I should still pay the full cost of the installation!

Now, their's was an honest mistake to be sure, but a stupid one that cost me a lot of valuable time. When I get something wrong, I take responsibility for it and do my best to make amends. I expected no less from "New Image Car Hifi". They decided that they'd rather pay their installer to remove the new stereo and put the old one back, than make amends for their mistake.

So, there are plenty of competitors nearby, I suggest you try them before bothering with "New Image Car Hifi".