For the past few days I've been playing with the Open Street Maps application. It's a Wiki-like mapping system, that allows you to edit the map. I'm very pleased with the work I've done on the area near my house.

Why bother? Well, I wanted to give someone directions from the station. Google maps' version has the station in the wrong place, and adds confusing little roads that aren't actually there. Google's map would just send my friend off in the wrong direction, so I started looking for something better. I tried the Open Street Map, but sadly all of the street names in my area were missing.

Well, with Open Street Maps I can just fix that myself. I did. And I added a bunch of nearby footpaths. And I corrected some mistakes that I found in the nearby town-centre. It was easy and fun. And now I have a good map that I can use to show my friends where my house is.