I went into Town today to register as an election observer for the Open Rights Group. On the way home, my tube train shuddered to an early halt in Oxford Circus station. Some poor person had fallen (or jumped?) under the train.

We were all trapped in the carriage for a few minutes, while anguished wails echoed down the platform. After a few minutes, the guard asked that if there were any medical personnel on the train, would they please report to the driver. Nobody moved. Many of my fellow passengers looked quite distressed - I felt quite distressed myself.

More screaming...

Eventually we were walked off the train and asked to leave the station. The screaming followed us up the escalators, fading as we rose up towards the street. Drowned by a recorded emergency announcement. The whole station was closed, and the Victoria line was stopped - in both directions I believe.

Outside, a paramedic's emergency response car was already parked. A mad Christian woman was damning us all - bitch. I went into the Apple Store where they denied having the spare screw I need for my laptop. When I came out, the fire brigade had arrived - presumably they were extracting the poor maimed lady from the train's running gear. After a few more minutes I saw an ambulance threading its way down Oxford Street, in between the buses.