Here's a Python script to remove Textile mark-up from a Wordpress blog.

Download the script here:

I've recently upgraded The Raven to the latest version of Wordpress. When I first set it up (back when Wordpress was at version 1.2!!) I installed the Textile plug-in. Most of the users weren't tech-savvy, and so they needed an easy way to write posts without having to know HTML. Nowadays, Wordpress has a nifty WYSIWYG editor, which is much easier for casual users than Textile ever was. Unfortunately, I couldn't just turn off the plug-in - lots of old posts still contained the markup.

Fortunately there's a Textile module for Python. I wrote this little script to automatically purge Textile mark-up from a Wordpress blog. If you find it useful, then let me know.

syntax: python [WP-CONFIG]

Just run the script in your blog directory, or give it the filename of your wp-config.php file.


% cd my/wordpress/directory
% python


% python my/wordpress/directory/wp-config.php