Me (calling ICICI bank): Hello, I'm trying to open a savings account, but when I click next on your form, it says "Address information cannot have special characters" - but I can't see any special characters in any of the fields I've entered.

ICICI bank: Hello sir. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. What browser are you using?

Me: Erm let me see. It's Firefox 21.0.

ICICI: I'm sorry sir, you are using Safari. Please try to use Internet Explorer.

Me: I'm not using Safari. I'm using Firefox, version 21.0.

ICICI: Please try to use Internet Explorer.

Me: I don't have Internet Explorer.

ICICI: You don't have Internet Explorer???

Me: I think I'll find someone else to look after my money, thanks.

Microsoft has been selling Windows without Internet Explorer for years! Even if they assumed I was using Windows, it's by no means safe to assume that everyone will have IE. I should have told him I was using my phone - that would have freaked him out even more!